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Packaging Products :
Our company is engaged in the manufacturing of a comprehensive range of packaging materials & products for various industries packaging needs. Our packaging products are known for their durable performance and cost effectiveness and high tech quality. We also offer customized solutions for our range of products. Some of our packing products are:

 We can provide different type of flutings as (B,E,N).
 We can provide box with different type of surface paper as ( Kraft, duplex, jute ,h.d.p.e., lamination, wax coated, bitumen    sandwich paper, etc.) printed & non printed.

Corrugated Boxes

We at Chandra Packaging offers a wide range of corrugated boxes which can be moulded in any dimension or size as per our clients demand. They can be customize and manufacture aw tow, three, five and depending upon the need and purpose. To ensure durability and hassle free operation the joints are carefully pasted or pinned, Our product has certain features like;

  Vibrant colorgloss finish
    Vibrantly diedand cut
  Thickness :- Ranges from 100 GSM to180 GSM with 12BF to 24 BF

Printed cartons, Catalogue & Brochure

We manufacture varies cartons in vibrant color schemes whichare specially designed keeping in mind the need and requirement of our valued customers. To ensure hygiene and security of the food while in transit, we use non toxic inks and chlorine free boards in manufacturingthese cartons which can be tallor made.

We also make all Types of Parallel&mini-fold Leaflet, Brochure, Manuals,Tags, Catalog etc.


Corrugates Partition and Plates Corrugated Partition and Plates

To separate product in vertical stacking inside the carton. Tthey protects products from any scratches breakage from top or the bottom of the box. It also helps in holding material tight thus it prevent material from damages, This can be made of various size & quality as per specification and  requirement of customer.

Corrugates Rolls and Liners

We offer corrugated rolls & wrapping papers, which is used  as wrapping different items. These are flexible and shock absorbing that ensures protection and safety from scratches, chips or breaks during transportation. These rolls ensure safe delivery and protect and cushion any product efficiently. These are widely demanded in the market because of their quality, high versatility and strength.

  Corrugates Fitments

We can custom design partitions and boxes to help protect your product from costly damage. Corrugated partitions  are especially suited to pack fragile contents and offer additional strength and support to the shipping container. They add stacking strength to boxes and help keep product count accurate, These partitions provide complete safety to the products packed and are also easily affordable. These partitions are made with attention to intricate details.

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